Monday, 13 February 2012

Builders In India, Realestate Developers In India

In their most basic role, commercial real estate developers serve as a go-between the Construction Companies in India that build the buildings and the businesses that use them. Developers frequently help businesses that give the optimum value in functionality, location and cost.

Our Completed Project :-

Bhavya Tower

Address : Jagatpura,Jaipur

Owner : Aradhna Buildtech

Area : 37000 sq.ft..

Start Date : Sep. - 2007

Finish Date : Dec. 2008

Duration : 15 Months

Real estate development is a huge and important system. Real estate development companies take on an obligation for the finding best land and locations, creating development projects and on behalf of them to clients. Real estate development management has a lot work to do, like working on the clients' plans and capital. The companies become a bridge between a customer and Builders in India.

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